Catalogue – Baptisia to Brunnera


Plants in Green – suitable for shaded area.
AGM – RHS Award of Gardening Merit.
PBR – Plant Breeders Rights.

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We have a good selection of Bergenia and Brunnera for sale in the plant nursery. These are very useful plants for the shade and are highlighted below in green, many can be seen in the garden. For 2019 we have added BAPTISIA australis ‘Alba’ and BAPTISIA ‘Vanilla Cream’ giving us 6 varieties of this striking summer plant and we are now also stocking BRUNNERA macrophylla ‘Jennifer’ extending the selection of these shade-lovers.

Baptisia "Dutch Chocolate"

Baptisia “Dutch Chocolate”

Brunnera "Alexanders Great"

Brunnera “Alexander’s Great”

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BAPTISIA australis AGM 4′ £6.00
Blue green foliage. Indigo blue, lupin-like flowers in June.      
BAPTISIA australis ‘Alba’    NEW      3’  £6.20
Clouds of blue-grey foliage topped with lupin-like spikes of white. Easy and beautiful      
BAPTISIA ‘Carolina Moonlight’   3′ £6.20
Butter yellow spires above excellent blue-green foliage.      
Early summer.      
BAPTISIA ‘Dutch Chocolate’   2’6″ £6.20
Chocolate-purple spires above blue-green foliage. Early summer.      
BAPTISIA ‘Pink Truffles’   2’6″ £6.40
Mauvy-pink flowers, excellent dusty green foliage. One of      
Hans Hansen’s new introduction.      
BAPTISIA ‘Vanilla Cream’     NEW   3′ £6.20
Pastel yellow buds open to creamy white spikes in early summer. Excellent grey-green foliage.      
BERGENIA ‘Abendglocken’
This form has leaves which turn red as soon as the weather becomes cold. Deep rosy-pink flowers in spring.   1′ £5.80
BERGENIA ‘Baby Doll’   1′ £5.80
Pale pink flowers, rounded leaves.      
BERGENIA ‘Bach’   12′ £5.80
Pink buds develop into white flowers in spring which stay      
white. Red flushed evergreen winter foliage.      
BERGENIA cordifolia ‘Eroica’ AGM 1′ £5.80
Large pale green leaves turn coppery red in autumn and through the winter. Deep pink flowers are held in large clusters well above the foliage in spring.      
BERGENIA pacumbis formerly B. ciliata ligulata   1′ £6.00
This form has smooth green leaves with a hairy edge. Deciduous. Grown from Chadwell wild collected seed.      
BIDENS aurea   5′ £5.90
Excellent upright plant flowering from late summer to the frosts. White daisy flowers top the stems covered with ferny foliage.      
BORAGO pygmaea   15″ £5.70
Bright blue flowers, fading to pink with age. Sprawling.      
BRUNNERA macrophylla ‘Alexander’s Great’   2′ £6.30
Huge silver veined leaves. Blue forget-met–not flowers in spring. PBR      
BRUNNERA macrophylla ‘Betty Bowring’   18” £6.10
Pure white flowered form. Plain green leaves.      
BRUNNERA macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’ AGM 18” £6.20
Leaves suffused with silver and edged with dark green. The usual blue flowers in spring. Eye catching. PBR      
BRUNNERA macrophylla ‘Jack’s Gold’   1′ £6.20
A sport of “Jack Frost”. The young foliage has a golden frosting which fades to silver. The stem leaves are also golden. Excellent with blue flowers.      
BRUNNERA macrophylla ‘Jennifer’                 NEW   1’      £6.20  
Blue and white flowers above green foliage. More stable than B.’Starry Eyes’ that we have listed before.      
BRUNNERA macrophylla ‘Kings Ransom’   1′ £6.20
Wide creamy edge to the leaves which are also slightly silver. Smaller growing than other Brunneras. PBR      
BRUNNERA macrophylla ‘Looking Glass’ AGM 1′ £6.20
Completely silver leaves, blue flowers in spring. Excellent shade plant. PBR      
BRUNNERA macrophylla ‘Mr Morse’   18” £6.20
Another good new variety, large silvery leaves like ‘Jack Frost’ but with white flowers in spring. PBR      
BRUNNERA macrophylla ‘Silver Wings’   16” £6.20
Large leaves marked with silver. Again, a very useful vigorous shade plant. Blue flowers in spring.      
BRUNNERA ‘Sea Heart’   1′ £6.50
Large thick leaves suffused with silver. Two toned flowers of pink and blue in spring.      


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