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Plants in Green – suitable for shaded area.
AGM – RHS Award of Gardening Merit.
PBR – Plant Breeders Rights.

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From the vibrant yellow flag irises to the velvety-purple of I. sibirica ‘Lady Vanessa’ our selection of irises cover most colour palettes. Most are happiest in more moist conditions and so are ideal surrounding garden ponds. Usually considered as a tall plant, we have several varieties that are shorter than 2′ and therefore suitable for smaller gardens. Not to be overlooked, the Inula hookeri grows in similar conditions and flowers later in the season.

We are pleased to still have IRIS foetidissima var.lutescens in stock. The seeds of this variety were from Graham Rice and has lovely buttercup yellow flowers.

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INULA hookeri   3’ £6.00
Attractive furry buds open to large pale yellow daisy flowers in late summer. Makes good clumps in not too dry conditions.
IOCHROMA Australe         AGM 5′ £6.00
Lilac blue hanging trumpets. Needs winter protection.
IRIS ‘Cleo’ (TB)   2’6” £5.90
Large yellow and buff coloured flowers in June.      
IRIS foetidissima AGM 2’ £5.80
Strap-like evergreen leaves, seed pods split to expose scarlet seeds. Good in shade.
IRIS foetidissima var.lutescens   2′ £5.90
The seed was a present from Graham Rice. Same evergreen strap-like foliage and orange seeds, but this form has buttercup yellow flowers.
IRIS x fulvala AGM 2’ £5.90
A cross between I. fulva and I. brevicaulis. Purple-red flowers, larger than I. fulva and spreading when not too dry.
IRIS fulva AGM 18” £5.90
Beautiful small terracotta flowers in mid-summer. Rather lax narrow leaves. Happiest with some moisture.
IRIS x robusta ‘Gerald Darby’   3’6″ £5.90
Wonderful purple bases to the leaves. Elegant flowers of bluish‐purple in early summer. Not too dry conditions.
IRIS graminea AGM 18” £5.90
Dark green foliage which almost hides the rosy-purple and blue flowers. Smells of hot plums.    
IRIS ‘Holden Clough’ AGM 2’ £5.90
A hybrid between I. chrysographes and I. pseudacorus. The yellow flowers are heavily netted with brown. Very unusual.
IRIS lazica AGM 15″ £5.90
Broad green evergreen leaves. Lavender flowers in March but ours flowered in November this year. Does not need such dry conditions as I. unguicularis.
IRIS pallida ‘Aurea Variegata’ AGM 2’6” £6.00
The yellow striped form of this sun-loving iris.      
IRIS pseudocorus ‘Creme de la Crème’   4’ £5.80
Beautiful creamy white flowers veined with purple. An unusual flag iris, best with some moisture.
IRIS pseudacorus ‘Variegata’ AGM 4’ £5.90
The form of Yellow Flag with wonderful yellow striped leaves in spring. The usual yellow flowers in early summer.
IRIS sibirica ‘Emperor’   3’ £5.90
A good dark purplish blue.      
IRIS sibirica ‘Lady Vanessa’   2’6″ £5.90
Well we had to stock this! Velvety-purple falls, pale purple standards.
IRIS sibirica ‘Papillon’   3’ £5.90
Soft pale blue flowers for early summer.      
IRIS sibirica ‘Shirley Pope’ AGM 3’ £5.90
Ruffled petals of vibrant purplish-red in early summer
IRIS sibirica ‘Silver Edge’ AGM 3’ £5.90
Beautiful flowers of a mid-blue, the petals edged with silver. Flowering in early summer.    
IRIS sibirica ‘Sparkling Rose’   3’ £5.90
As near pink as any of the I. sibiricas.      
IRIS sibirica ‘Tropic Night’   3’ £5.90
Reasonably large flowers of blue-violet. A tall plant with blue flowers in summer. The flowers are held well above the leaves unlike some forms. Needs some moisture.
IRIS sibirica ‘White Swirl’   3’ £5.90
A late flowering form with large white flowers.      
IRIS ‘Sugar’ (IB)   2’ £5.90
Ivory with pale yellow markings and a white beard.      
IRIS versicolor var. kermesina   2’ £6.00
A robust, clump forming iris with reddish purple flowers in summer. Needs moisture.


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