Catalogue – Dahlias, Dianthus and Dicentra


Plants in Green – suitable for shaded area.
AGM – RHS Award of Gardening Merit.
PBR – Plant Breeders Rights.

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For 2018 we are pleased to introduce DELPHINIUM requienii to the nursery as well as DICENTRA scandens. We continue to have a good selection of interesting Dicentra.

DARMERA peltata AGM 3′ £5.90
The umbrella plant has leaves 1′ across, appearing after the starry pink
flowers in early spring. Makes a creeping rhizome and thrives in damp soil.
DELPHINIUM requienii   3′ £5.80    
Shiny foliage and spires of grey-mauve flowers. Biennial. Sun.
DIANTHUS barbatus ‘Monksilver Black’   1′ £5.80
Black evergreen foliage and almost black flowers in mid-summer.
DIANTHUS carthusianorum    18″ £5.70
Tall pink with clusters of rosy‐pink flowers most of the summer.
Needs sun and well drained conditions.
DICENTRA ‘Burning Hearts’   16″ £6.00
Wonderful new Dicentra with blue-grey foliage and dark red
flowers edged with white. PBR
DICENTRA ‘Ivory Hearts’     NEW   16″ £6.00
Grey foliage and white flowers. The new varieties flower
for a much longer period. PBR
DICENTRA scandens   6′ £6.80
Yellow lockets in the autumn on this scrambling form.
Pretty foliage and seems hardy here.
DICENTRA spectabilis see Lamprocapnos      
DIGITALIS grandiflora      NEW AGM 2′ £5.70
Large soft yellow flowers. Excellent woodland plant.
DISPOROPSIS pernyi   9″ £5.70
Very like a small Solomon’s Seal but evergreen.
White flowers in June. Good in fertile soil in shade.


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