Catalogue – Helenium to Hosta


Plants in Green – suitable for shaded area.
AGM – RHS Award of Gardening Merit.
PBR – Plant Breeders Rights.

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We have an excellent selection of Helianthus (sunflowers), Hemerocallis (day lilies), Heuchera and Hostas for sale in the plant nursery. Heuchera and Hostas provide excellent foliage, with the latter being particularly useful in shade. Helianthus, Hemerocallis and Heleniums all provide late summer flowers in a huge range of colours to suit all designs.

New for 2018 are two plants that are much admired in the garden; HOSTA tardiana ‘Hadspen Blue’  and  the shade-loving HOUTTUYNIA Cordata. Other new plants include  HESPERANTHA ‘Ice Maiden,’ and two HEUCHERA varieties; ‘Dark Beauty’ Syn ‘Black Beauty,’ and  ‘Lime Marmalade’  

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HACQUETIA Epipactis      NEW AGM 9″ £5.70
Lime green bracts surround the yellow mound flowers in early spring.
HAEMANTHUS Albiflos AGM 1’ £5.70
I have grown this for years as an easy house plant.
Evergreen fleshy leaves and flowers like large white paintbrushes.
HELENIUM ‘Chelsey’    4’ £6.00
Large flowers, crimson petals with yellow highlights.
This plant is to be sold in memory of Terry Lloyd,
ITN broadcaster and a donation given to the Red Cross.
HELENIUM ‘Kanaria’      NEW   3′ £6.00
 Clear lemon yellow flowers with a yellow core
HELENIUM ‘Moerheim Beauty’  AGM 4’ £6.00
Russet brown flowers from early July until the frosts.
HELENIUM ‘Ruby Tuesday’      NEW   2’ £6.00
Low growing compact form with masses of small dark red flowers
in late summer. PBR
HELENIUM ‘Wesergold’  AGM 3’ £6.00
Early flowering with clear lemon yellow flowers and chestnut brown cones.
HELIANTHUS ‘Lemon Queen’  AGM 4’ £5.90
Pale lemon daisies in autumn.
HELIOPSIS helianthoides var.scabra ‘Summer Nights’   3’6” £6.00
Dark brown foliage and yellow daisies in late summer. Best in the sun.
HEMEROCALLIS ‘Catherine Woodbury’    2’6″ £5.80
Another fragrant form with ruffled light lavender flowers.
Wide strap- shaped leaves.
HEMEROCALLIS ‘Chicago Jewel’    2’6″ £5.80
Deep lavender with a cream throat. Ruffled petals.
HEMEROCALLIS ‘Cream Drop’    2’6″ £5.80
Low growing with fragrant creamy yellow flowers.
HEMEROCALLIS dumortieri    2’ £5.80
As I write this in November this day lily is in flower.
Dainty yellow fragrant flowers, usually before the hybrids.
HEMEROCALLIS ‘Edge of Darkness’    2’ £5.80
Large lavender flowers with a dark purple edge. Evergreen.
HEMEROCALLIS fulva ‘Flore Pleno’    3’ £5.80
Another fragrant and ancient plant. Rather untidy orange flowers splashed
with red but they do flower for a long period. Vigorous.
HEMEROCALLIS ‘Gentle Shepherd’    2’ £5.80
The very palest cream flowers.
HEMEROCALLIS ‘Grape Velvet’    2’ £5.80
Large deep grape-purple flowers with a yellow throat.
HEMEROCALLIS ‘Green Flutter’    2’ £5.80
Canary-yellow with a green throat.
HEMEROCALLIS ‘James Marsh’    2’ £5.80
Rosy-red flowers.
HEMEROCALLIS ‘Joan Senior’    2’ £5.80
Beautiful cream ruffled flowers. Fragrant.
HEMEROCALLIS lilio-asphodelus    2’6″ £5.80
Recurving petals form the clear yellow trumpets with a wonderful fragrance.
Vigorous. Flowers in early summer.
HEMEROCALLIS ‘Little Grapette’    2’ £5.80
Small violet to purple flowers.
HEMEROCALLIS ‘Marion Vaughn’    3’ £5.80
A vigorous lemon yellow form.
HEMEROCALLIS middendorfii    2’ £5.80
Orange fragrant flowers in early summer. Good in semi-shade.
HEMEROCALLIS ‘Sammy Russell’    2’6″ £5.80
Brick red flowers.
HEMEROCALLIS ‘Summer Wine’    2’6″ £5.80
Violet flowers in mid-summer.
HESPERANTHA coccinea ‘Wilfred H Bryant  AGM 16″ £5.90
The palest of pink flowers in autumn. Narrow grassy foliage all year.
HESPERANTHA ‘Ice Maiden’   2′ £5.90
Large cup shaped white flowers in autumn. Narrow strip-shaped leaves. Sun.
HEUCHERA ‘Berry Smoothie’    1′ £5.60
Ruffled rose‐pink leaves which turn pale pink with age.
Pale pink flowers. PBR
HEUCHERA ‘Dark Beauty’ Syn ‘Black Beauty’   1′ £5.60
Very dark glossy ruffled foliage, creamy white flower spikes.
HEUCHERA ‘Caramel’   1′ £5.60
We had trouble with H. ‘Amber Waves’ in wet winters and this is
much hardier. Same caramel coloured foliage and small white flowers. PBR
HEUCHERA ‘Lime Marmalade’   1′ £5.60
Very frilly lime-green foliage. White flowers. Will stand some sun.
HEUCHERA ‘Silver Scrolls’   1′ £5.60
Silver leaves, dark red underneath.
Very pretty and good even in the winter. PBR
HEUCHERA ‘Venus’   1′ £5.70
Large silvery leaves with dark veins.
X HEUCHERELLA ‘Kimono’      NEW AGM 1′ £5.80
Very narrow dissected foliage with a chocolate central stripe.
Creamy with flowers in spring. PBR
X HEUCHERELLA ‘Solar Eclipse’   1′ £5.80
Red=brown leaves with a lime green edge. White flowers.
Evergreen dissected foliage with a dark chocolate central stripe.
Creamy white flowers. PBR
X HEUCHERELLA ‘Stoplight’    1′ £5.80
Large, bright yellow leaves with a centre blotch of red. White flowers.
Grow out of full sun to stop scorch.
The leaves become greenish in summer. PBR
X HEUCHERELLA ‘Sweet Tea’    1′ £5.80
Orange leaves marked with a central cinnamon star.
The large leaves darken during the summer. PBR
X HEUCHERELLA ‘Tapestry’    1′ £5.80
Blue green leaves with dark centres. During the winter the leaves
become deep green. Pink flowers. Good in shade. PBR
HIERACIUM Spilophaeum      NEW   1′ £5.40
Dark green leaves with maroon blotches. Yellow flowers best cut off.
HOSTA ‘American Halo’      £5.70
Large grey leaves that are surrounded by a wide creamy-white margin.
White flowers.
HOSTA ‘Dark Shadows’      £5.70
Large blue-green leaves edged with lighter green.
HOSTA ‘Fire and Ice’  AGM   £5.70
Pure white leaves with a very dark green edge.
HOSTA ‘Francee’  AGM   £5.70
An even white edge to the heart shaped dark green leaves.
HOSTA ‘Ginko Craig’  AGM   £5.70
Quite narrow leaves edged with white. Spreads well.
HOSTA ‘Gold Edger’      £5.70
Small greeny yellow pointed leaves.
HOSTA ‘Ground Master’     £5.70
Green leaves, white-edged, on a small plant. Purple flowers.
HOSTA ‘Hanky Panky’      £5.80
Narrow leaves with dark centres and creamy yellow edges.
The colour changes as the summer progresses.
HOSTA ‘Honeybells’      £5.70
Green leaves. Scented white flowers.
HOSTA ‘Hydon Sunset’      £5.70
Small rounded leaves on very tiny plant. Tall spires of purple flowers.
Needs some shade.
HOSTA ‘Inniswood’      £5.70
Large, round, crinkled gold foliage with a wide green edge.
HOSTA ‘Krossa Regal’   AGM   £5.80
Blue-grey leaves on tall petioles make this useful for cutting. Lilac flowers.
HOSTA lancifolia      £5.60
Small dark green pointed leaves and good lilac flowers in early autumn.
HOSTA ‘Patriot’  AGM   £5.70
A wide white edge on waxy leaves make this an eye-catching form.
HOSTA ‘Preying Hands’ AGM 16″ £5.80
Narrow upright leaves with a creamy margin.
HOSTA ‘Purple Heart’    18″ £5.80
Green leaves with a purple-red stem. Excellent in a pot.
HOSTA ‘Shade Fanfare’      £5.70
Pale green leaves edged with white. Lavender flowers.
In sun the leaves become yellow edged with white.
HOSTA ‘Sun and Substance’  AGM   £6.00
Large golden green leaves.
HOSTA tardiana ‘Hadspen Blue’ AGM 1′ £5.80
Much admired in the garden, excellent steely blue foliage and
lavender-blue flowers.
HOSTA ‘Wide Brim’  AGM   £5.80
Large, heart-shaped leaves with irregular yellow edges fading to cream.
HOUTTUYNIA Cordata   16″ £5.70
With heart-shaped leaves and pure white flowers this vigorous ground
cover plant is ideal for difficult positions.
Much admired this summer in our North facing border.



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