Catalogue – Kalimeris to Kniphofia


Plants in Green – suitable for shaded area.
AGM – RHS Award of Gardening Merit.
PBR – Plant Breeders Rights.

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We are delighted to add yet another KNIPHOFIA to our selection in 2019. K. Ice Queen is an easy to grow  red hot poker that extends the choice of colours and sizes.

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KALIMERIS yomena ‘Shogun’   2’ £5.90
Excellent variegated foliage throughout the summer topped with small pinky-mauve daisy flowers in autumn.
KIRENGESHOMA palmate Koreana group AGM 3’           £6.00  
Needing lime free soil this is a woodlander which needs good soil to produce the butter yellow thick-petalled flowers in early autumn.
KNAUTIA macedonica   2’ £5.90
Deep crimson scabious-type flowers in summer.      
KNIPHOFIA ‘Bees Lemon’   3’ £6.50
Narrow heads densely studded with lemon yellow flowers in late summer.
KNIPHOFIA ‘Ice Queen’                    NEW   3’6” £6.50
Green and cream flowers in autumn. Easy      
KNIPHOFIA ‘Jenny Bloom’   2’6” £6.50
Narrow spikes of cream and coral. Beautiful in July.      
KNIPHOFIA ‘Mango Popsicle’   2’ £6.50
Low growing with slender orange flowers in late summer. PBR      
KNIPHOFIA ‘Moonstone’
Deep cream buds develop into cream flowers on bronzy stems.
AGM 2’6” £6.50
KNIPHOFIA ‘Nancy’s Red’   2′ £6.50
Slender heads of brick-red buds opening to spires of pure red on this low growing form. Well drained conditions.      
KNIPHOFIA ‘Percy’s Pride’   3’ £6.50
Large spikes of greeny -yellow flowers which fade to cream.    
KNIPHOFIA ‘Pineapple Popsicle’   18″ £6.00
Creamy yellow spikes most of the summer, grassy green foliage.  PBR  
KNIPHOFIA ‘Tawny King’ AGM 4′ £6.50
Tawny brown buds open to creamy flowers on dark bronze stems. Vigorous and easy. Flowers in autumn.      

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