Catalogue – Lamprocapnos to Lythrum


Plants in Green – suitable for shaded area.
AGM – RHS Award of Gardening Merit.
PBR – Plant Breeders Rights.

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We are pleased to be stocking for the first time this year LIRIOPE spicata ‘Silver Dragon’ Syn. ‘Gin-ryn’, a lovely shade loving plant and  the lovely autumn flowering LOBELIA ‘Compton Pink’ We also stock the stunning LEUCANTHEMELLA serotina and a good selection of Ligularia, Lychnis and Lythrum.

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LAMPROCAPNOS spectabilis  AGM 2’ £5.80
Rosy-red flowers conjuring up names such as Bleeding Hearts.
Good, bright green foliage.
LAMPROCAPNOS spectabilis ‘Alba’  AGM 2’ £5.80
Wonderful white form.
LAMPROCAPNOS spectabilis ‘Goldheart’    2’ £6.00
Excellent yellow foliage in the spring. The usual pink flowers in early summer.
The foliage does fade as summer proceeds. PBR
LATHYRUS vernus  AGM 1′ £5.50
A delightful plant flowering in May with either pink or mauve pea flowers.
LEPTINELLA squalida    3” £5.20
Bronze tinted, deeply cut leaves make a flat evergreen carpet.
LEUCANTHEMELLA serotina  AGM 6′ £5.80
A wonderful plant in October, covered with large white green-eyed daisies
on stiff branching stems. Large pots.
LIBERTIA formosa    3’ £5.50
Good clumps of evergreen foliage. Sprays of white flowers in early summer.
Needs sun and good drainage.
LIGULARIA ‘Brit‐Marie Crawford’  AGM 4’ £5.80
Similar to L. ‘Desdemona’, with the same orange flowers in late summer
but darker brown leaves. An improvement. PBR
LIGULARIA ‘Osiris Fantaisie’    18″ £5.80
Deeply serrated deep green leaves, dark maroon underneath.
Golden yellow flowers. Compact.
LIGULARIA ‘The Rocket’  AGM 5′ £5.80
Almost black stems and dark green foliage ending in narrow spires
of yellow flowers. Needs moisture.
LIGUSTICUM lucidum   3’ £5.60
Clump formed of feathery foliage. Large cow parsley white flowers.
Fragrant. Monocarpic.
LIRIOPE muscari  AGM 1′ £5.50
Excellent evergreen grassy leaves, dense spikes of violet flowers in autumn.
Does well in semi-shade.
LIRIOPE muscari ‘Okina’    1′ £6.00
Ghostly white variegated foliage in spring which becomes green as
summer progresses. Purple flowers in autumn. Evergreen. Good in shade.
LIRIOPE spicata ‘Silver Dragon’ Syn. ‘Gin-ryn’      NEW   9″ £6.00
Thick evergreen clumps of silver and white narrow foliage.
Violet-blue flowers in autumn.
LOBELIA ‘Compton Pink’      NEW   2′ £5.80
Lovely pale pink flowers with a deep pink centre. Late summer.
LOBELIA ‘Tania’    3’ £5.80
This form with deep crimson flowers seems hardy here.
LOBELIA x speciosa ‘Hadspen Purple’   2’9″ £6.00
Stunning deep-purple flowers on a compact upright plant.
Much admired in the garden and hardy here. PBR
LOTUS hirsutus            AGM 2’6″ £5.10
Pretty grey foliage, soft pinky white clover flowers followed by shiny brown seed pods. Sun and good drainage. Evergreen. Small plants
LUNARIA rediviva  AGM 2’ £5.50
Perennial Honesty. Lilac flowers followed by elliptical papery seed pods.
LYCHNIS coronaria Atrosanguinea Group    2’ 6″ £5.00
The magenta form, permanent grey foliage,
single magenta flowers from mid-summer to the frosts.
LYCHNIS coronaria ‘Gardener’s World’    2’ £5.70
Dark magenta flowers in late summer.
Grey foliage and sterile so no seeding problems.
LYCHNIS floscuculi ‘Jenny’    18″ £5.60
Double form of the native ragged robin.
Tousled tops of sugar-pink for most of the summer. PBR
LYCHNIS yunnanensis    18” £5.50
Dense sprays of bright pink flowers on numerous this stems.
LYSIMACHIA ciliata ‘Firecracker’  AGM 3’ £5.50
Dark brown leaves contrast well with the usual yellow flowers in July.
LYTHRUM salicaria ‘Blush’  AGM 2’6″ £5.70
A pale pink form of this useful August flowering plant.
LYTHRUM salicaria ‘Feuerkerze’  AGM 3′ £5.70
Intense rosy-red flowers. Lythrums are useful in flowering in July/Aug,
giving relief from the many yellows at that time.
LYTHRUM salicaria ‘Swirl’   3’6″ £5.70
Clouds of small red-pink flowers in summer.

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