Catalogue – Maianthemum to Morina


Plants in Green – suitable for shaded area.
AGM – RHS Award of Gardening Merit.
PBR – Plant Breeders Rights.

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We are pleased to stock a good range of Monarda for sale in the plant nursery, including dwarf varieties M. ‘Pink Lace’ and ‘Purple Lace’ We also have four varieties of Mentha (mint) which are interesting foliage as well as being excellent for insects and in the kitchen. 

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MAIANTHEMUM racemosum formerly Smilacina racemosa AGM 2’ £6.20
Fresh arching branches with fluffy cream flowers Apr-Jun. Ornamental berries start cream turn blinding red.      
MATTHIOLA fruticulosa subsp.perennis   2’ £5.90
Perennial stock. Grey foliage. Needs sun and good drainage. Evergreen. White scented flowers.      
MELIANTHUS major AGM 4’ £7.20
Beautiful grey-green foliage. Best given winter protection.      
MENTHA longifolia Buddleia Mint Group   2’ £5.00
Furry grey leaves, flowers in dense spikes of mauve, much loved by bees.      
MENTHA sauveolens ‘Variegata’   18″ £5.00
Variegated form of Apple Mint.      
MENTHA x gracilis   18″ £5.00
Ginger mint. Solid flecked foliage. Runs.      
MENTHA x villosa var. alopecuroides Bowles’s Mint   18” £5.00
Apple scented round hairy leaves. Runs like all mints. Best variety for mint sauce.      
MERTENSIA virginica AGM 18” £6.00
Clump of grey-green leaves above which rise stems carrying blue bell-shaped flowers in spring.      
MITELLA breweri   4″ £5.80
Like a small Tiarella. Round green leaves with greenish flowers. Spreads quickly in cool moist soil.      
MONARDA citrodora   4’6″ £6.00
A tall vigorous form, flowering early with lavender flowers.      
MONARDA ‘Gardenview Scarlet’ AGM 4’ £6.00
A strong growing form from America with large scarlet flowers.      
MONARDA ‘Pink Lace’   18″ £6.20
Dwarf form with bright pink flowers in summer. PBR      
MONARDA ‘Purple Lace’   18″ £6.20
Purple-red flowers on this new variety, did wonderfully well in the garden and flowered for weeks. PBR      
MONARDA ‘Mahogany’   3’ £6.00
Deep reddish-brown flowers.      
MONARDA ‘Sagittarius’   3′ £6.00
Dark lilac flowers, again this is a mildew resistant form flowering in July and August.      
MONARDA ‘Schneewitchen’   3′ £6.00
White form. All monardas are good bee plants and flower in late summer.      
MONARDA ‘Scorpion’   3’ £6.00
Purple stems topped with red-purple flowers and purple bracts.      
MORINA longifolia   3’ £6.00
Forms a rosette of prickly leaves above which rise stems carrying whorls of pink flowers. Needs a well-drained position. Much admired in our gravel.      


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