Catalogue – Maianthemum to Morina


Plants in Green – suitable for shaded area.
AGM – RHS Award of Gardening Merit.
PBR – Plant Breeders Rights.

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We are pleased to stock a good range of Monarda for sale in the plant nursery, including  new dwarf varieties M. ‘Pink Lace’ and ‘Purple Lace’ We also have two new varieties of Mentha (mint): MENTHA sauveolens ‘Variegata’ and MENTHA x gracilis. Both have interesting foliage as well as being excellent for insects and in the kitchen. Another new plant that will be available in 2018 is the sun-loving MARRUBIUM libanoticum. 

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MAIANTHEMUM racemosum formerly Smilacina racemosa  AGM 2’ £5.90
Fresh arching branches with fluffy cream flowers Apr-Jun.
Ornamental berries start cream turn blinding red.
MARRUBIUM libanoticum   1′ £5.80
Heart-shaped grey wooly leaves. Small white flowers. Well drained and sun.
MATHIASELLA bubleuroides ‘Green Dream’    3’ £6.50
Fascinating jade green bracts in early summer which turn pinkish
and last into autumn. Dries well.
MATTHIOLA fruticulosa subsp.perennis    2’ £5.70
Perennial stock. Grey foliage. Needs sun and good drainage.
Evergreen. White scented flowers.
MELIANTHUS major  AGM 4’ £7.20
Beautiful grey-green foliage. Best given winter protection.
MENTHA longifolia Buddleia Mint Group    2’ £5.00
Furry grey leaves, flowers in dense spikes of mauve, much loved by bees.
MENTHA sauveolens ‘Variegata’   18″ £5.00
Variegated form of Apple Mint.
MENTHA x gracilis   18″ £5.00
Ginger mint. Solid flecked foliage. Runs.
MENTHA x villosa var. alopecuroides Bowles’s Mint    18” £5.00
Apple scented round hairy leaves. Runs like all mints.
Best variety for mint sauce.
MERTENSIA virginica  AGM 18” £5.80
Clump of grey-green leaves above which rise stems carrying blue
bell-shaped flowers in spring.
MITELLA breweri    4″ £5.40
Like a small Tiarella. Round green leaves with greenish flowers.
Spreads quickly in cool moist soil.
MONARDA citrodora    4’6″ £5.70
A tall vigorous form, flowering early with lavender flowers.
MONARDA ‘Gardenview Scarlet’  AGM 4’ £5.90
A strong growing form from America with large scarlet flowers.
MONARDA ‘Pink Lace’   18″ £6.00
Dwarf form with bright pink flowers in summer. PBR
MONARDA ‘Purple Lace’   18″ £6.00
Purple-red flowers on this new variety, did wonderfully well in the garden
and flowered for weeks. PBR
MONARDA ‘Mahogany’    3’ £5.80
Deep reddish-brown flowers.
MONARDA ‘Sagittarius’    3’ £5.80
Dark lilac flowers, again this is a mildew resistant form flowering
in July and August.
MONARDA ‘Schneewitchen’   3′ £5.80
White form. All monardas are good bee plants and flower in late summer.
MONARDA ‘Scorpion’    3’ £5.80
Purple stems topped with red-purple flowers and purple bracts.
MORINA longifolia    3’ £5.80
Forms a rosette of prickly leaves above which rise stems carrying
whorls of pink flowers. Needs a well-drained position.
Much admired in our gravel.



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