Catalogue – Salvia to Synthris


Plants in Green – suitable for shaded area.
AGM – RHS Award of Gardening Merit.
PBR – Plant Breeders Rights.

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We will be stocking six varieties of SANGUISORBA in 2019, with the addition of the eye-catching variety SANGUISORBA ‘Burgundy Buttons.’ We will also have for the first time the very useful SANTOLINA rosmarinifolia ‘Lemon Fizz’ which has interesting golden foliage and yellow flowers. Another new plant which is notable for its foliage is SENECIO ‘Angel Wings.’

We have the new SEDUM erythrostictum ‘Frosty Morn’ as a welcome addition, but please note that Sedums have been re-categorised as HYLOTELEPHIUM and are listed in more details on that page.

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SALVIA forskaohlei   3’ £5.90
Large hairy basal leaves from which rise the stems carrying purplish blue flowers with a white throat. Perennial. Needs sun.      
SALVIA glutinosa   3’ £5.90
A strong growing plant with large hairy leaves and yellow flowers. Good in shade.      
SALVIA x sylvestris ‘Rose Queen’   18″ £5.90
Bushy plant with aromatic foliage and spikes of dark buds opening to rose pink. Sun.      
SALVIA nemorosa ‘Caradonna’ AGM 2’ £5.90
Erect, with dark purple stems and spikes of violet-blue in summer. Needs dry conditions and sun.      
SAMBUCUS ebulus   4’ £5.90
The only herbaceous form of Elder. The flowers and berries are the same but this has running roots and disappears in winter.      
SANGUINARIA canadensis multiplex ‘Plena’ AGM 9″ £7.80
Grey-green kidney shaped leaves, and very double white flowers in spring. Leaves disappear in late summer.      
SANGUISORBA ‘Burgundy Buttons’          NEW   2′ £5.90
Stiff stems support burgundy red cone-like flower heads in summer      
SANGUISORBA canadensis   5′ £6.00
Tall white spikes in late summer. Lovely autumn colour on the foliage and flower spikes.   5’ £6.00
SANGUISORBA menziesii AGM 3’ £6.00
Deep maroon-red bottle brushes above glaucous foliage.      
SANGUISORBA obtusa   3’6” £6.00
Grey pinnate foliage, large bottle brush flowers of a beautiful deep pink.      
SANGUISORBA officinalis ‘Pink Tanna’   3’ £6.00
Small bottle brush flowers of rose pink. Mid-summer.      
SANGUISORBA tenuifolia var. alba   2’6″ £6.00
A mound of beautiful pinnate green foliage from which arise slender stems topped with long fluffy white flowers.      
SANTOLINA rosmarinifolia ‘Lemon Fizz’      NEW   18″ £6.00
Finely cut evergreen, golden foliage on a compact plant. Yellow flowers. Sun and good drainage.      
SAXIFRAGA x urbium ‘London Pride’ AGM 12″ £5.80
Evergreen rosettes, pretty filmy pink flowers.      
SCABIOSA incisa ‘Kudo’   18″ £6.00
Large pink scabious flowers from spring onward. Excellent bee plant for sun.
SCABIOSA incisa ‘Kudo White’      18″ £6.00
Compact and covered with white flowers most of the summer. Bee magnet.      
SCHIZOSTYLUS coccinea ‘Wilfred H Bryant’ See HESPERANTHA.      
SCROPOLIA carniolica   16” £6.00
This was collected by Will McLewin in Yugoslavia. The flowers are yellow inside, brownish-purple on the outside. Needs moist semi-shade and creeps by fleshy rhizomes. Flowers in April.      
SCROPHULARIA auriculata ‘Variegata’   3’6″ £6.20
Evergreen rosette of foliage splashed with cream, above which rise good strong stems, flowers best removed. Not too dry conditions.      

SEDUM ‘Carl’   see Hylotelephium



SEDUM erythrostictum ‘Frosty Morn’    see Hylotelephium     NEW 



SEDUM ‘Jose Aubergine’  see Hylotelephium



SEDUM telephium ‘Matrona’ see Hylotelephium


SENECIO ‘Angel Wings’                 NEW   2’ £6.20
Large silver leaves make this very eye-catching. Needs winter protection.  PBR      
SIDALCEA candida   3’ £5.90
Good spikes of white flowers in summer. Rather like a small Hollyhock.      
SIDALCEA ‘Elsie Heugh’ AGM 3’ £5.90
These are very useful plants flowering in August and elegantly upright. This form has rose-pink coloured flowers.      
SILENE dioica ‘Clifford Moor’   1′ £6.20
Cream edge to the dark green leaves. Deep pink single flowers. Found by a local herb nursery.      
SILENE fimbriata   2’ £5.90
Like the common white campion but the flowers have fringed petals and are backed by large baggy calyces. Much admired in late May.      
SILENE ‘Firefly’   18” £6.00
Magenta pink double flowers in early summer, ideal for the cottage garden look. PBR      
SILENE ‘Rollie’s Favourite’   18” £6.00
Compact form of common native campion, flowers from April onwards, very free flowering. PBR      
SINACALIA tangutica   4’ £6.00
Clouds of scented yellow flowers on tall blackish stems in autumn. Excellent fluffy seed heads. Not dry conditions. Can run if happy.      
SINNINGIA tubiflora             1’ £5.90
Downy greyish leaves, spikes of lemon scented gloxinia like flowers. Needs winter protection.      
SISYRINCHIUM striatum   18″ £5.90
Iris-like leaves, spires of cream flowers. Needs good drainage.      
SISYRINCHIUM striatum ‘Aunt May’   18″ £6.20
Good form with cream edges to the leaves.      
SMILACINA racemosa see Maianthemum racemosum      
SOLIDAGO x luteus ‘Lemore’ AGM 2’ £5.90
Tiny light yellow daisies in loose heads. Flowers in July and August.      
STACHYS byzantina ‘Silver Carpet’   9″ £5.70
Excellent silver ground cover without the sometimes dingy spikes of flowers.      
STACHYS macrantha   2′ £5.90
Large dark green leaves and whorls of pinky-mauve flowers make this old fashioned cottage plant useful as ground cover.      
STACHYS monieri ‘Hummelo’   18″ £5.90
Pretty rose pink flower spikes above crinkly foliage from early summer until autumn.      
STROBILANTHES attenuata   2’ £6.00
We are delighted that Wisley has been able to name this excellent low spreading plant. Blue flowers in autumn, very similar to S. atropurpurea.      
STROBILANTHES nutans   2’6″ £6.00
Similar to S. attenuata but with large clusters of drooping trumpet shaped white flowers in autumn. Needs sun and good drainage.      
STROBILANTHES wallichii   4’ £6.00
(Syn. S. atropurpureum) The leaves have a violet hue and the violet-blue flowers in September. Best in sun. Spoilt by late frost but always recovers.      
STYLOPHORUM lasiocarpum         1’ £5.90
A woodland plant with dandelion like leaves and yellow single flowers most of the summer. Good seed heads.      
SYMPHYOTRICUM ‘Climax’ formerly Aster   5′ £5.90
Large bunches of single Spode-blue flowers.      
SYMPHYOTRICHUM ‘Little Carlow’ formerly Aster AGM 4’ £5.90
Stiff stems ending in large clusters of mid‐blue, small flowers. Long flowering from September to November.      
SYMPHYOTRICHUM ericoides ‘Cinderella’ formerly Aster   3’ £5.90
Wonderful in the garden in October, covered with tiny white flowers which fade to pink.      
SYMPHYOTRICHUM ericoides ‘Ringdove’ formerly Aster AGM 2’6″ £5.90
Clouds of tiny, pale, rosy‐mauve flowers in early autumn.      
SYMPHYOTRICUM laevis ‘Arcturus’ formerly Aster   4’6″ £5.90
A very strong growing Aster, with dark stems and blue flowers in October.      
SYMPHYOTRICHUM lateriflorum ‘Lady in Black’ formerly Aster   3’ £5.90
Very similar to A.’Prince’ only much taller with very dark foliage in the spring.      
SYMPHYOTRICHUM lateriflorum horizontalis formerly Aster   2’ £5.90
Bush like plants, the horizontal stems covered with white flowers with pink stamens and dark bronzy‐green foliage, this is eye-catching.      
SYMPHYOTRICHUM novae-angliae ‘Alma Potschke’ formerly Aster   4’ £5.90
Large rose-pink flowers in late summer. Large plants.      
SYMPHYOTRICHUM novae-angliae ‘Barr’s Violet’ formerly Aster   4′ £5.90
Large amethyst flowers in October. A novae-angliae are not prone to mildew.      
SYMPHYOTRICHUM novaeangliae ‘Harrington’s Pink’ formerly Aster AGM 3’ £5.90
A soft clear pink, flowering in September. Large plants.      
SYMPHYOTRICHUM novaeangliae ‘Herbstschnee’ formerly Aster   4’ £5.90
Pure white flowers in early autumn. Mildew free. Large plants.      
SYMPHYOTRICHUM novaeangliae ‘Purple Dome’ formerly Aster   2’ £5.90
A dwarf variety of S. ‘Septemberrubin'(qv).      
SYMPHYOTRICHUM novae-angliae ‘Septemberrubin’ formerly Aster   4’ £5.90
Large shaggy flowers of a bright ruby-red in October.      
SYMPHYOTRICHUM novibelgii ‘Vignem’ formerly Aster   3’6” £5.90
I bought this in Holland but can find no trace of the name here. Rather shaggy large flowers of a pretty pale lavender in early autumn.      
SYMPHYOTRICHUM tradescantii formerly Aster   4’ £5.90
Tiny white daisies cover the wiry stems in late autumn.      
SYMPHYANDRA ‘Paul Furse’   2’ £5.90
Long bells of soft blue on a running plant. A surprise in that it flowers in autumn when most Campanulas are over.Peter Lewis says this is not a Campanula – hence the change of name.      
SYMPHYTUM caucasicum   3’ £5.90
A strong growing comfrey with bright blue flowers.      
SYMPHYTUM ‘Hidcote Pink’   16″ £5.90
Comfrey with pinkish flowers and evergreen foliage.      
SYMPHYTUM ibericum (grandiflorum)   1′ £5.80
Dark hairy leaves, orange-tipped cream bells in spring, grows in any soil, spreading. Evergreen.      
SYNTHYRIS missurica var. stellata   16″ £5.90
Deep green leaves form a clump. Numerous spikes of blue- bell shaped flowers in spring.




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